About Our Whiskey



Walrus Blood American Whiskey is made from corn in Tennessee.  Our whiskey is aged for 5 years in American oak barrels before bottling.  In addition, we add two oak cubes to every bottle to continue the aging process post-bottling.  Each cube is charred and then soaked in port wine for 6 months before added to the bottle. 

The ratio of the oak cubes to juice inside a 750ml bottle is the same as an oak barrel to juice ratio inside a traditional 53 gallon whiskey barrel.   Walrus Blood continues to age at the same rate inside the bottle as it does at the distillery.  

The charcoal and port wine finish our whiskey wonderfully.  We hold every bottle for 6 months so that our cubes have time to impact the whiskey before we ship to our customers.  As time passes, you can actually see the whiskey inside the bottle become darker and more complex.  

Every day, Walrus Blood gets better and better!  Enjoy right away or hold onto your bottle for a special occasion.  The whiskey will never stop evolving!